Setraco Group

Our Philosophy

Quality and Operational Excellence

We work with a conscience
In line with its founders’ spirit, vision and values are what determines SETRACO GROUP’s decisions from the smallest of details to global ones.

SETRACO GROUP believes in and strives for long-term partnerships with the individuals, communities, corporations and Nations that it works with and for. The group was founded on a value-system based on dedication to quality, honesty and progress.

We aim at achieving significant, valuable, measurable, and sustainable results through our principle-driven management style.

A Family Environment

The holding has a family-oriented approach with its employees
Care is taken in every aspect of our employees' work life to ensure satisfaction, personal growth and actualization so that their decisions, whether in the workplace or in their personal lives, influence positive change and forwardness.

Community & Responsibility

SETRACO GROUP has always considered itself as part of the community in which it operates by identifying with their economical, cultural and societal needs and aspirations.

In line with its humanistic philosophy, SETRACO GROUP undertakes many community initiatives. These initiatives include the building and rehabilitation of roads for low-income earning communities, donations to community centers and intervention programs, scholarships for schooling and further education and the promotion of local arts and culture.