Setraco Group


  • Abuja-Keffi Road

    Abuja-Keffi Road

    The rehabilitation of the existing carriageway and the construction of a second carriageway connecting the Nigerian capital Abuja to Keffi town
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  • Patani Bridge

    Patani Bridge

    A 850 m long bridge along East-West Road crossing Forcados river near Patani village in Delta State, Nigeria.
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  • Adiabo Bridge

    Adiabo Bridge

    The Adiabo Bridge is the first long bridge in Nigeria that spans across the large Calabar river in Cross Rivers State, Nigeria.
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  • Bomadi Bridge

    Bomadi Bridge

    The Bomadi Bridge is the first bridge connecting Bomadi town, in Delta State Nigeria, to the main land through the Forcados river.
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  • Cedars Estate

    Cedars Estate

    A residential compound with recreational facilities for families and corporate employees.
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  • Paraiso


    The Paraiso Phase 1 project was awarded to Setraco for the rehabilitation of the Paraiso area, including sanitations, distribution network of
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  • Al-Fayha’a Bridge

    Al-Fayha’a Bridge

    The Al-Fayha’a Bridge in Basra, Iraq, is composed of two main bridges. Those bridges, called West and East bridges, are connected on the Sindibad
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  • Bauchi International Airport

    Bauchi International Airport

    A design and build project for the terminal building of Bauchi International Airport.
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  • Sunrise Hills Estate

    Sunrise Hills Estate

    A mixed-use real estate development spanning over 500 Million SQM in the heart of the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja.
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  • East – West Road

    East – West Road

    A 338 Km dual carriageway connecting Warri town in Delta State to Oron Town In Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria
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