Setraco Group


Al-Fayha’a Bridge

The Al-Fayha’a Bridge in Basra, Iraq, is composed of two main bridges. Those bridges, called West and East bridges, are connected on the Sindibad Island. The East bridge has been bombed in 1991.
  • Client
    Ministry of Housing & Reconstruction
  • Area
    Basra, Iraq
  • Project Value
    8.5 Million USD
  • Initiation Date
    August, 2012
  • Completion Date
Setraco was awarded the contract for a range of works, including:
Repositioning of the displaced six spans, cast of the destroyed four spans, supply and fix the Pot Bearings and supply and fix the Expansion joints. The Incremental Launching method of construction is used.

This method of construction can be used for bridges having constant cross section shape throughout their length.

The Incremental Launching method has several advantages. It eliminates the traditional scaffolding required for supporting the formwork. This is particularly valuable for projects spanning over deep water as in this case. Most of the construction operations take place in the same location. The pre-casting work is thus more easily supervised, giving a high quality.

Setraco is the first and only contractor to use this method in Iraq, after it was used in the same project, in the late 80’s.