Setraco Group



The Paraiso Phase 1 project was awarded to Setraco for the rehabilitation of the Paraiso area, including sanitations, distribution network of drinking water, drains, streets and sidewalks, as well as the construction of a sewage treatment station.
  • Client
    Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure
  • Area
    Paraiso, Equatorial Guinea
  • Project Value
    60 Million USD
  • Initiation Date
    February, 2009
  • Completion Date
The project consists of completing all infrastructure works for the main part of Barrio Paraiso in the capital of Equatorial Guinea, Malabo.

The project includes the execution of storm water, sewage water and potable water networks alongside the asphalt works of 11.8 km of roads together with the corresponding sidewalks. The project is currently near to completion with the finishing works remaining and the wearing course of asphalt. In this respect, the project is considered as the first of its kind in Malabo, whereby one company is executing the entire infrastructure of a neighborhood as opposed to the infrastructure being divided amongst several contractors as was the case usually for infrastructure projects in Malabo.